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Paul Smith

Touchstone Education

Paul Smith, Touchstone Education co-founder, property investor, property mentor and wealth coach.

Property investor & mentor

An Overview

This blog will explore property investment, the work of Touchstone Education, wealth creation, wealth management, legacy building and more.
This blog will share information and details about Smith’s areas of expertise; as he is a multi-million pound property investor, there will be articles that cover the fundamentals of property investing, sharing tips and tricks that will ensure success in this field.
Paul Smith Touchstone Education

One of the leading property educators in the UK

Important details about the property market – including rent to buy, commercial property and serviced accommodation – will also be discussed, as Smith is a well-informed and successful figure in the world of property investment. Commercial property is an area of the property market where Smith is very well-established. Therefore, he is often able to teach his students about this lesser-known investing option, opening their eyes to the opportunities that commercial property holds.

One of the leading property educators in the UK, Smith is also an experienced property mentor and the co-founder of Touchstone Education, a company that offers mentoring, educational courses and investment help to its students. As such, this blog will cover topics that relate to the mission of Touchstone Education, which is to change as many lives as possible through education on property and property investment. This blog will share valuable information about a huge range of related topics, such as wealth creation and wealth management, as well as legacy building and business structure. Tax efficiency and the role of the passive investor will also be discussed.

Benefits of Online Education

As the co-founder of Touchstone Education, Paul Smith is an advocate of online learning. Currently the property investment company is an online-only operation, offering a wide range of online courses to its students. This blog will explore the benefits and advantages of online education, including the steps that Touchstone Education has taken to offer an outstanding service through its online courses. These steps include the creation of the Touchstone Education Academy, which contains a huge number of resources, such as a library; templates and documents for use; tips, tricks and property hacks; and a tracking tool that offers greater accountability to Touchstone Education students.