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Paul Smith Touchstone Education


Paul Smith Touchstone Education

Paul Smith, Touchstone Education co-founder, is also as a successful property investor and the UK’s leading wealth creation educator. Based in Doncaster, Smith attended Holy Trinity (1975-1981) before gaining his MBA in Business Administration from Aston University in 1995.

A multi-million-pound property mentor and wealth coach, Smith is also a number one best-selling author and a Guinness world record holder. Touchstone Education was established in 2014; Smith is a co-founder and property mentor who is responsible for running the company’s property courses.

Paul Smith’s early career focused on beverages, as he held positions with Coca Cola Schweppes and the Whitbread Beer Company. Smith then moved on to focus on the sale of spirits and alcohol brands, taking the position of Managing Director of Allied Distillers from 2000 until 2004. In this role Smith was responsible for more than 2,000 staff over 26 sites, as well as managing 13 distilleries, and his P&L during this time was £1.2 billion.

In 2004 Smith established WSI Global Net Digital Media, which he owned and operated for almost seven years. The company developed world-class internet solutions, specialising in internet marketing and conversion architecture. In 2010, Smith took the role of General Manager at Angus Dundee Distillers, where he oversaw the rebuilding of the old William Lawsons site, installing two bottling lines and re-establishing the company’s operations. Later roles included a position as Chief Executive Officer at Protege International, an international premium spirits and beer company that represents multi-award winning alcohol brands; and serving as the Managing Director of Inter-Packing Ltd, which helps companies in the UK to find the best solution for packaging water, soft drinks, beers and spirits.

Renowned for being a skilful and successful property investor, Smith has built a multi-million-pound property portfolio. With a natural ability for teaching, Smith is a motivating and informative property mentor, who has seen many of his clients go on to find success. Smith has excellent management skills, an in-depth knowledge of the property market, and the ability to transform complex and difficult topics into simple and digestible information. An expert in business, tax, property investment and mentoring, Smith is a passionate advocate for property investment and the power of property mentoring.