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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Touchstone Education?
Founded by Aniko Smith and Paul Smith, Touchstone Education is a property investment company with a mission to inspire and assist people to find financial freedom through learning. Paul Smith is the lead trainer at Touchstone Education, and each of its courses are built around three key elements: Practical Knowledge, Inspiration and Group Accountability.
What Does Touchstone Education Offer?
Touchstone Education is the UK’s leading property investment course provider and was founded to inspire normal people from a range of backgrounds and financial positions to find financial freedom through wealth generation strategies.

Touchstone Education’s courses are designed around actionable systems and proven processes, all of which have been tried-and-tested by the team of experts at Touchstone Education.

Each course is based on teaching effective, established and scalable wealth generation strategies, and each member of the Touchstone Education team has their own property portfolio, meaning they can share the practical and proven strategies that they have used themselves.

As well as a wealth of expertise, Touchstone Education also offers ongoing support and encouragement throughout the duration of each course, which is provided by an active community of professional trainers and fellow students.

Based on providing practical knowledge, inspiration and group accountability, all of the courses at Touchstone Education have been designed to share valuable and easily actionable knowledge as opposed to simply overloading students with information. This is an important point of difference for Touchstone Education, as it means students are able to act quickly and make changes in real-time. The company’s team of experts is on hand to offer support and share their experience and knowledge, helping students to avoid mistakes which might later cause a problem.

What Courses Are Available?
The courses offered by Touchstone Education have been designed to suit a wide range of people, no matter their current situation, their financial position or their goals for the future.

Whether looking for a supplementary income or a more drastic career change, Touchstone Education can offer the right help, guidance and training. There is also a range of courses that are suitable for the experienced investor, who is looking to expand or grow their portfolio.