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Investing in real estate is common with many investors. For them, property is seen as a safe long-term investment option that can generate consistent returns. Indeed, for someone with extra financial resources looking to invest, real estate can be a good option when done well.

There are two main ways for property investors to make money. They can earn an income by collecting rent, or by selling the property at a price higher than what they purchased it for. Even investors who don’t want to purchase property can consider investing in funds that directly own and manage properties. Property management and maintenance services are additional ways to invest available to people interested in the property market.

Similar to other investment options, real estate has its risks. The demand for property fluctuates based on several factors, and this has an impact on prices. Investors willing to invest for the long-term might be open to incurring losses in a slow market in the hopes of improved earnings in the long run. However, over-investing in real estate can be risky, especially if the property market should go through a tough economic period.

Far riskier than fluctuating prices and demand is getting into the property business without proper knowledge. Led on by the promise of profits, many people invest their money without fully understanding the investment or the process. Lacking the knowledge or guidance on what to do in various circumstances can lead to rash decision-making, not to mention the prospect of unfulfilled financial dreams.

It’s for this reason that Paul Smith, Touchstone Education co-founder, provides people with the property knowledge that helps them gain financial freedom. Through the company’s training courses and webinars, participants can expect to benefit from three vital aspects:

  • Practical Knowledge: The team at Touchstone Education is methodical in its approach to teaching and training people on how to invest in property. All courses are designed to provide practical knowledge so that participants learn what’s necessary to take immediate steps towards their investment goals.
  • Inspiration: Touchstone Education’s experts look to inspire people to work towards their goals, rather than relying on motivation, which is based on external factors. The company aims to have participants leave with an ‘it’s possible’ mindset once they complete the training.
  • Group Accountability: Touchstone Education understands the importance of providing support to its participants. For this, the team designs support structures that cheer people on while also holding them accountable for accomplishing their goals.

The Six Figure Summit

The Six Figure Summit is Touchstone Education’s online training programme that educates property investors on the vital strategies for building a property business. It is structured as a package course that provides an understanding of the various business models, as well as networking opportunities with other investors.

The Summit takes place over two days and guides potential investors on the latest strategies and methods to get a property portfolio off the ground. Participants also learn how to manage their skills and financial resources for the benefit of the business. The trainers have real experience gained from owning property portfolios and their involvement in more than 40 summits over two years. Their shared experiences combine to provide useful knowledge that has helped many participants get into property investment.

The Benefit of Learning

Receiving an education in real estate investment is one of the things that separates the average investors from the successful ones. The latter group recognises the value of investing time in learning the skills and strategies needed to succeed. At the same time, they appreciate the value a training course has in building a solid business foundation. For them, knowledge is indeed power, and the more they know, the better they are at navigating the property industry with confidence and precision.