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As with any investment, having the necessary knowledge of what’s involved is vital to success. For the modern real estate investor, gaining an insight into what it takes to establish and maintain a property investment business is more than necessary.

This is because real estate investing comes with unique risks and benefits, all of which an investor needs to know to make informed decisions. As such, investing in education is a worthwhile move, one that will make it less likely for the individual to make costly mistakes.

The Internet is awash with multiple sources of information on this topic, so it helps to find credible sources of information. Paul Smith, Touchstone Education co-founder, has devoted his life to teaching individuals how to get into and succeed in the property investing business.

The company has established itself as a reliable source of training and education for potential investors, making it highly regarded within the UK property industry. One of the company’s main draws is Touchstone Online, a platform geared at making life easier for investors.

Touchstone Online

The motivation behind the online platform is to inspire people to achieve financial freedom. It contains tried and tested knowledge, practical strategies and processes that have worked for many investors. Additionally, the team members at Touchstone Education speak from experience; they have their own property portfolios. This aspect, together with Touchstone’s provision of ongoing support, is what makes the platform a game-changer in the real estate industry.

The range of courses available on Touchstone Online include:

  • Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp: This eight-module course is presented by Paul Smith and is designed to help investors avoid costly mistakes on their way to operating a Serviced Accommodation unit.
  • Commercial Investing: The commercial investing course is structured to provide information on aspects such as valuation, the need for commercial surveyors, full repairing and insurance lease, and deal-exit options.
  • Deal Packaging Essentials: This course is geared towards individuals interested in packaging property deals and finding investors for them. It unpacks compliance information, systemising the sourcing business, and how to help foreign-based investors.
  • Joint Ventures: Property investors interested in expanding their portfolios can consider learning about joint ventures. This course helps learners understand various aspects of joint ventures, including finding partners, building teams, regulations, structuring agreements, and financing.
  • Lease Option Income: The course is for the investor who wants to earn an income by leasing property. It provides case studies, the vital steps to leasing success, and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • No Money Down: As the title indicates, the purpose of this course is to help investors learn how to build a property portfolio by creatively using finances from other sources.
  • Property Investing Fundamentals: This course is structured to provide information on how to get started in the property industry, with topics covered including how to appraise deals, tenancy agreements, the use of letting agents, approaching lenders, and how to refurbish property effectively.
  • Property Leverage: The property leverage course teaches participants the multiple business structures available, plus how to apply for different types of financing.
  • Your First Auction Deal: Investors who sign up for this course will learn about the various property auctions that exist, how they work, how to purchase property at auctions, and the essential due diligence needed, among other tips.

The time invested in learning about property investments is not wasted. For investors interested in getting it right the first time, this education will ensure they learn all that’s needed to help them earn as much as possible.